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Palm Bay Photo Studio Editing

Palm Bay Photo Studio editing sample

Editing Choice 3 – Birthday card

Our editing studio focuses on several areas of photo and image editing.

One of the main areas is editing or completely changing the background of your photos, bringing out the portraits within your regular, candid snapshots, and turning them into works of art.  We take your photos from ordinary to something extraordinary.


The resulting images can be used for many purposes, like greeting cards, calendars, yearbooks, photo albums, framed portraits, passport photos,  Thank you cards, e-invitations or etc. 


We can edit photos according to your instructions, or if you wish, we can utilize our expertise and experience to come up with suggestions for you.

We also specialize on  sorting out “batches” from photo shoots (of your own).

Our main mission is connect through the art and help to find it all around us.


Palm Bay Photo Studio website is the place where you can change your candid photos into pieces of art.


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