Photobombs issue!

Whether it’s an unexpected animal or a person making a face, some photo bombs  are almost guaranteed to make you giggle.

Wikipedia describes  Photobombing as the act of purposely putting oneself into the view of a photograph, often in order to play a practical joke on the photographer or the subjects. Photo bombing has received significant coverage since 2009. Photobombs as a unintended subjects in the background have existed for much of the history of photography.

Photobombing has been known to get global exposure, mainly due to the  the abundance of snapshots by smartphone cameras and posted on the internet.  A number of websites include sections on them, or are entirely devoted to photobombs.

In 2014, “photobomb” was named Word of the Year by Collins English Dictionary.

Photobombing can be described as a person, intentionally or unintentionally appearing in a photograph of someone or something else and intentionally or unintentionally taking the focus and attention off of the intended subject.

What if we like the actual intended subject of the photo so much that we need to get rid of the photobomb?

Here are some samples of that exact situation.




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